Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Review: Cake Mania a Tasty Recipe for Fun! by Darrin Matter

Darrin just sent me another fun and interesting review. This time he played Cake Mania.

It’s amazing how you can take something that would be stressful in real life, move it over to the video game arena, and it becomes fun. When you really get going on some of the later stages and your kitchen starts filling up with bake-able goods, you’ll either be in a zen-like state of baking concentration, or a frantic fit of quick left clicking as you shout out loud at your customers to wait their turns, but there is no denying the deep-rooted feeling of satisfaction when you’re able to turn what could have been a mess into a smooth-running operation. Thankfully, the game starts you out easy, and since you choose when to buy new additions to your kitchen, you can set your own pace to a degree. In the same way, it’s fun to watch your empty counters and shelves fill up with appliances, to the point that you later look back and say, “Oh man…I remember when I used to cook with only one oven. Boy, how did I ever make ends meet that way?”

Cake Mania can keep the attention of many ages of game players with its simple concept and increasing levels of challenge, and its well-designed presentation neither gets old nor disappoints as new game play options continue to increase as you get further into the game. Rumor even has it that publisher Majesco has scooped up the rights to Cake Mania and plans to bring it to the Nintendo DS. However, if you can’t wait, don’t forget that you can always get your baking thrills on the PC where it all started.

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